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Complete Services for Contact Lenses in Bethesda, MD

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We’ll satisfy all your contact lens needs, in Bethesda, MD

Do you love the convenience of wearing contact lenses? Many people prefer the comfortable vision and natural appearance of lenses. From expert fittings to a full inventory of premium, boutique lenses, Bethesda Vision Care is your one-stop solution for contact lenses in Bethesda, MD.

Healthy contact lens wearing begins with a thorough eye exam and professional contact lens fitting. Our optometrists, Dr. Michael A. Berenhaus, Dr. Gregory Katchuk, Dr. Marc Levy, Dr. Michael J. Weitz and Dr. Kristen Glasgow, are experienced and skilled at evaluating your eyes to determine the best contact lenses for your vision prescription and ocular condition.

We specialize in hard-to-fit situations, and we’ll work with you patiently to find the ideal contact lenses for your personal needs. Do you have astigmatism? We’ll help you achieve crisp vision with a pair of toric lenses. Are you tired of wearing reading glasses to help you read with presbyopia? We’ll introduce you to a range of progressive lenses that will let you hold your paper close and see the words on the page.

If you already have a current prescription for contacts, we’ll be happy to replenish your supply from our wide range of quality lenses. Stop in anytime! New and returning patients who require an updated prescription or new contact lens fitting are invited to schedule an appointment. You’ll be given the opportunity to try out different lenses before making your final decision.

Our eye doctors will also provide instruction on the best care practices for your lenses, and we encourage our patients to return for follow-up visits to prevent any ocular complications. We stock a wide range of brand-name contacts, including Acuvue, Alcon, Bausch & Lomb, Coopervision and many more!

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