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Dr. Michael A. Berenhaus

Dr. Michael A. Berenhaus

Dr. Michael Berenhaus, founder of Bethesda Vision Care, is a highly accomplished optometrist with an impressive educational background. He went to school locally at the University of Maryland, graduating Phi Beta Kappa. He holds a Doctorate of Optometry from The Pennsylvania College of Optometry, where he earned honors for his expertise in Multidisciplinary and Contact Lenses. Additionally, Dr. Berenhaus obtained a Masters in Health Care Services and Administration from LaSalle University.

As a respected member of the Maryland Optometric Association and one of its past presidents, Dr. Berenhaus has demonstrated his commitment to optometry. He has performed research for the FDA for the approval of new contact lens types, which garnered extensive media coverage. Dr. Berenhaus was also invited to China to provide crucial insights into managing myopia progression in children. Moreover, he was invited by Zeiss to participate in testing new spectacle lenses in Germany.

Throughout his career, Dr. Berenhaus has been involved in pioneering initiatives. He co-founded Maryland's first laser vision correction company and participated in studies on corneal topography and astigmatic soft contact lenses. An avid educator, he has delivered lectures to optometrists, ophthalmologists, and military professionals on topics such as silicone hydrogel lenses and multifocal contact lenses.

Dr. Berenhaus's influence extends beyond his practice. He has actively engaged with the media, launching public service campaigns and appearing on television programs to discuss innovations in laser vision correction, contact lenses, and eyeglass lenses. He has been published in WebMD.

With his vast expertise and dedication to providing exceptional vision care, Dr. Berenhaus is a valued member of Bethesda Vision Care, committed to enhancing his patients' eye health and well-being.