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Explore the Precision of ZEISS Progressive Lenses

Progressive lenses provide seamless vision for near and far distances through a smooth transition zone called the progression corridor. However, not all progressive lenses are created equal. It’s crucial to find progressive lenses tailored to your specific needs, lifestyle, and budget while delivering natural and comfortable vision. With over a century of expertise in crafting precision spectacle lenses and extensive market research, ZEISS has developed four distinct types of progressive lenses, ensuring each individual’s personalized and optimal visual experience.

How Do I Find the Right Progressive Lenses?

With the various types of ZEISS progressive lenses available, it’s important to understand which one suits your specific needs. Whether you prioritize precise vision for digital devices or a lens design tailored to your lifestyle, ZEISS offers a progressive lens type that matches your requirements.

Type 1: Precision Pure for Enhanced Reading Experience

If your primary goal is to enjoy improved vision while reading, especially on digital devices, then ZEISS Progressive Lens Type 1, known as Precision Pure, is the ideal choice for you.

In today’s digital age, our reading habits have evolved, and traditional lenses may not fully meet the demands of digital screens. ZEISS understands this need and has incorporated Digital Inside® Technology into their Type 1 lens. This innovative technology ensures that the near vision zone of your lenses accommodates the different reading distances required for books, newspapers, and digital devices.

With Precision Pure lenses, you can experience enhanced clarity and comfort while reading, whether printed material or digital content.

Type 2: Precision Plus for Fashion-Forward Individuals

If you value style and visual performance, ZEISS Progressive Lens Type 2, known as Precision Plus, is the perfect fit for you.

When switching from smaller to larger frames, compromises in vision quality can occur as certain areas of the progressive lens may be removed during lens insertion. Additionally, adapting to the new frame may require relearning eye movements through different ranges of vision, especially when the near vision zone shifts lower on the lens.

ZEISS has developed FrameFit®+ Technology and the groundbreaking Adaptation Control Technology to address these concerns. With these advancements, your optician can optimize the lenses for your new frame, ensuring that important visual zones are preserved.

Moreover, Precision Plus lenses are fashion-conscious and optimized for the digital age, building upon the benefits of Type 1 lenses.

Embrace the latest frame designs without sacrificing visual performance with ZEISS Progressive Lens Type 2, Precision Plus.

Type 3: Precision Superb for Personalized Vision

Each face has unique characteristics, including variations in eye shape, nose structure, and ear positioning. Standard progressive lenses may not fully accommodate these individual differences. If you have specific needs, such as high prescription powers or long-term use of spectacles since childhood, it’s crucial to ensure that your progressive lenses are precisely tailored to your facial parameters.

ZEISS Progressive Lens Type 3, known as Precision Superb, addresses these concerns by incorporating FaceFit Technology. This innovative approach considers your exact facial anatomy, including how you look through the frame and how it rests on your nose and ears. By considering these factors, the progressive lenses produced provide customized visual support that enhances three-dimensional vision and distance performance.

Not only does Precision Superb offer excellent optical quality and the benefits of Types 1 and 2, but it also ensures outstanding wearer tolerance.

Stay ahead of frame fashion trends while enjoying personalized vision with ZEISS Progressive Lens Type 3, Precision Superb.

Type 4: Individual 2 for Personalized Lifestyle

Whether you spend hours at a drawing board as an architect, work extensively on a computer, or constantly shift your focus between near and far while caring for your grandchildren, your progressive lenses should accommodate these specific requirements.

ZEISS Progressive Lens Type 4, known as Individual 2, is designed precisely for this purpose. These lenses recognize that different daily activities call for different progressive lens designs and the positioning of vision zones. IndividualFit® Technology allows your lenses to be customized to cater to your primary daily tasks, ensuring optimal visual performance in each situation.

With Individual 2, you benefit from a lens that combines all the technological possibilities into one, offering natural and comfortable vision.

Experience personalized lifestyle lenses with ZEISS Progressive Lens Type 4, Individual 2. Enjoy exceptional optical quality, customized vision for daily activities, and the utmost comfort in any visual situation.Visit Bethesda Vision Care and ask for ZEISS progressive lenses to experience the difference they can make in your everyday life. Enhance your vision, embrace your style, and enjoy the comfort you deserve.